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Mortgage Services

FHA and HARP Loans Made Easy

Get the financing you need to buy your dream home. PKM is a mortgage loan company that helps home buyers and homeowners find great mortgage products. Whether you’re looking for a FHA loan, HARP loan, or a VA Home Loan, we’ve got you covered.

Customized Solutions

Obtaining a mortgage is likely the most significant financial decision you will ever make, so it's essential that you choose wisely. We take the time to identify your specific needs and craft a customized solution that works for you. Contact us to obtain a prequalification letter and start house shopping today! A loan from PKM is a great way to purchase or refinance a primary, secondary, or investment property.

A Wide Selection

Choose from a broad range of loans with low interest rates. We offer a wide range of programs that require little or no money down. You could get a loan without mortgage insurance for as little as 5% down with qualified credit. We also provide HARP loans for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to eligible clients.

Types of Loans:

• Rate & Term
• Cash Out/Consolidation
• Fixed Rate or Adjustable
• Conventional/Conforming
• VA
FHA Loans in Huntington Beach, CA